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NYC Food Trucks Catering provides customizable food trucks, complete with an NYC permit, to help you start your mobile food business.

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Are you ready to take your culinary skills on the road? Look no further than our selection of food trucks for sale! Our full food truck catering company specializes in custom-building food trucks of any size and any type of cuisine. Plus, with our full NYC permit, you can hit the ground running as soon as you make your purchase. We take pride in making your mobile dining dreams a reality and can even help with licensing your food truck to vend on the bustling streets of NYC. From taco trucks to dessert carts, we have the perfect food truck for sale to suit your needs.

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We Can Build your food truck or sell you one

Whether you bring your own food truck or purchase one from us, we can custom-design and build a kitchen to seamlessly integrate with your culinary concept.

Build Food Trucks since 2014

Our extensive experience in mobile kitchen design and catering services for individuals and companies provides us with an unparalleled ability to craft customized mobile units that cater to your specific needs.

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Build a Brand-new Kitchen on Your Truck

Transform your culinary dreams into reality with our custom-built stainless steel kitchens, designed to elevate your food preparation experience.

Food Truck Services

We sale Food Trucks, Sale, we do Customization, Modifications, and Maintenance for Food Trucks

Food Truck for sale

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food trucks for sale equipped with kitchens crafted to align with your business concepts

food truck cooking equipment

Food Truck Modifications

customize your food trucks to fit your specific needs, adding and removing equipment to improve it.

Full sink with 2 water tanks hot-cold

Food Trucks Repair

Repair electric installation, water station, gas installation, or cocking and Refrigeration and storage

Our Story

Food truck for sale with full NYC permit

Ready to launch your food truck business in New York City? We have a fully equipped food truck for sale with all the necessary permits and licenses. This spacious truck is compliant with NYC health department regulations and features a fully equipped kitchen with all the cooking and refrigeration equipment you need to prepare delicious food for your customers.

citywide permit picture with a location GPS device
Food truck Nyc Permit

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food truck for sale features

Our food trucks come fully equipped with a brand new stainless steel kitchen.

cooking equipement Food truck for sale
Cooking Equipment

Grills, charbroillers, fryers, ovens, stoves, panini grills.

salad fridge Food truck for sale
Refrigeration and storage

Fully equipped with commercial freezers and refrigerators.

Full sink with 2 water tanks hot-cold
Water and washing station

A three-compartment sink with hot and cold water of 20 gallons each and one waste tank

food truck cuisine interieur equipment oven freezer (8)
Stainless Kitchen

The stainless steel is top quality 304 number polish, and we never use lower. Quality stainless steel like the 430

electrical board food truck for sale
Water and washing station

A dedicated electric panel inside the food truck ensures that your kitchen equipment runs reliably, whether you’re connected to a generator or external power source.

cooking equipement cooking equipement Food truck for sale oven grill
Gas Installation

Food Truck Gas installation, to ensure that your food trucks’ ovens and grills are safely and efficiently powered


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